Music Album Review: “Results Take Time” by Symba [Blazin'! - 5 Boomboxes]

Music Album Review: “Results Take Time" by Symba 5 Boomboxes “Symba keeps his listeners on their toes: physically, the listen will move, and mentally, they will be sure to think.” REVIEW PRESENTED BY BTC'S RAP PROMPT BOOK 10 Prompts to Start Your Next Album Album  “Results Take Time”   Released:  September 15, 2022 Length:  52:33 Genre:  Hip Hop Rap RnB Soul Written by: Symba & DJ Drama Produced by: Symba & DJ Drama Sym, is that a Rolex?  ⌚ "Results take time." Fax.  📠 "This shit didn't happen overnight."      "Results Take Time" by Bay rapper, Symba is swag and consciousness. It's akin to one of the best times in Hip Hop, when beats were hard-hitting and lyrics scintillating, the early 90s. And in this millennium, where unfortunate deaths and the Soundcloud rapper's experimentations take out some prime lyricists — Cough.Ka.Takeoff.cough — "Results Take Time" is an album the Hip Hop community needed.      In other

Music Single Review: “Stay Frosty” by DJ Dizzy Storms [Basic! - 3.5 boomboxes]

Music Single Review: “Stay Frosty” by DJ Dizzy Storms

3.5 Boomboxes

"Stay Frosty" is Frosty, cool, impactful, and crystalline.


Single from album “Stay Frosty”  

Released: November 10, 2022

Length: 4:04

Genre: Hard Rock, Experimental, Dance, Pop

Written by: DJ Dizzy Storms

Produced by: DJ Dizzy Storms 


    Snow Squall Warning 'till forever EST. Sudden whiteouts. Icy roads. 12-30 inches of snow. Slow down & listen. - NWS ❄️

    The storm is coming! The storm is coming! Grab those headphones! And that radio. Let's go! Soundbox is on with some cool *beep*! 

    Ah! Yeah! The storm is here, and it's frosty. Ain't it purrrty? 

    Independent artist DJ Dizzy Storms' first single, "Stay Frosty," is unlike any track one has heard on the radio, at concerts, on Soundcloud, or Youtube. It's a track that, unfortunately, will be unappreciated by many listeners at first. But the track is "Frosty," cool, impactful, and crystalline.

    In army vernacular, "Stay Frosty" means "to keep one's cool." This phraseology is now adopted by online gamers who play co-op third-person shooters, such as Call of Duty or Fortnite. And now by Dizzy Storms.

Imagine: the enemy is pelting you with a barrage of bullets that zip-zip-zoom past your dome, and in your ear, Captain Dizzy Storms sings, "You gotta stay Frossssttttyyyy against whatever comes your way." 

    Oh! There's something so warm and spiritual about it all. The idea of survival, staying level-headed, and being calm like a cool-cumber is embedded into staying frosty.

[Verse 1] 

"In times like this, 

there's only one thing

you gotta do;

you have to stay calm. 

And no matter what comes your way 

do the best you can to stay frosty."

    But Dizzy takes it one step further: indeed, she uses the idiom to allude to keeping one's cool, but she also stresses the idea of serenity when, in the face of difficulty, peace of mind and body are now missing in our overwhelmed society. 

[Verse 1] 

"There are times when days can get so tense;

too much to do; it hardly makes any sense.

There are times when I want to leave life behind

but there's a phrase I learned to help ease my mind."

    Dizzy is telling us to "Stay Frosty" against the onslaught of the day-to-day. Poetically, she reforms the militaristic phrase to exemplify our most inner needs: equanimity and camaraderie. "Stay frosty, Captain." 


"You gotta stay Frossssttttyyyy

against whatever comes your way;

You gotta stay Frossssttttyyyy

don't be scared to seize the day."

    "Stay Frosty" is a lyrical song filled with poetics, self-reflection, and affirmations. The lyrics remind the listener that life is hard, but that's okay; remain even-tempered, and remember, we are in it together. On the lyrical level, it's a relatable track that encourages optimism under challenging situations. "Stay Frosty" enables one to keep their head up against the bone-cold days.

    DJ Dizzy Storms' passion started in their youth, "listening to a lot of music shows on tv and the local radio stations." At 13 years old, she received their "first instrument," the keyboard. "As for musical instruments, I've always liked the electric guitar because it has a powerful energy & then there's also the drums & because it has an amazing rhythm which you can feel & the piano has a lot to offer when it comes to raw emotion & energy if you're willing to harness it." For the full interview with DJ Dizzy Storms, visit here.) 

    As universal as the lyrics are in "Stay Frosty," the strong presence of the instrumental and the raw vocals may deter most listeners. No 808s, hard sub-woofing base, riveting guitar solos, or incredible complexities exist. There's not much modulation in the instrumental, staying heavily on the 4/4 count of the bass. 

    These are not weaknesses in Dizzy's music for the listener that sticks around and the one with astute ears. 

    Captain Dizzy's raspy voice is sweet and melodic, and each instrumental layer possesses characteristics. The drums are like a hard-ass General, always in your face, always keeping the team in rhythm. The smooth piano is like the caring Lieutenant, watching the team's back when on a mission, keeping up the energy. The synths and 80s-style guitar licks are the platoon leaders saying, "Stay Frosty," like a religion; they are cool, calm, and collected—no worries in the world.

    "Stay Frosty" is redolent of the dance music heard in the background of 80s street fighting games, which always seemed to push you forward, or the music that one would expect to hear on Fortnite, poppy, simple, fun, and edgy. 

    The music is like a slice of that song from an anime from the late eighties you saw once. That one you don't remember, but it was on TV that night, for sure. There was a lot of fighting and people staying frosty. That's no doubt! The music has never escaped you, even if you can't find the anime again. 

    More importantly, "Stay Frosty" is uplifting. The listener finds themselves doing the Carlton, snapping their fingers, swinging their arms, and singing, "yes, I can, yes I can, stay frosty, Cap." The guns are down.

    Dizzy's conflation of bright, optimistic layers and poetics, tantamount to the dark tones and themes sold on the main-stream circuits, warrants "Stay Frosty" multiple listens. So, stay around and be frosty with Dj Dizzy Storms.

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Artwork by Bolivar T. Caceres

Bolivar T. Caceres is a Bronx-based artist and writer. His poems appear on ShortEdition and Ariel Chart. He is also the author of the chapbook Outside My Garret Window, published in 2020. He currently writes for the quarterly film blog Film Studies 401 and the news blog New York Positivity. Connect with him on social media @BolivarTCaceres and at
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  1. Thanks so much for the interview & I also really appreciate the awesome review of my song, & as always Stay Frosty!

    1. Thanks, Dizzy. It was a pleasure to work with you on your first single! Stay Frosty, Cap!

    2. Much appreicated & you're welcome


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