Music Album Review: “Results Take Time” by Symba [Blazin'! - 5 Boomboxes]

Music Album Review: “Results Take Time" by Symba 5 Boomboxes “Symba keeps his listeners on their toes: physically, the listen will move, and mentally, they will be sure to think.” REVIEW PRESENTED BY BTC'S RAP PROMPT BOOK 10 Prompts to Start Your Next Album Album  “Results Take Time”   Released:  September 15, 2022 Length:  52:33 Genre:  Hip Hop Rap RnB Soul Written by: Symba & DJ Drama Produced by: Symba & DJ Drama Sym, is that a Rolex?  ⌚ "Results take time." Fax.  📠 "This shit didn't happen overnight."      "Results Take Time" by Bay rapper, Symba is swag and consciousness. It's akin to one of the best times in Hip Hop, when beats were hard-hitting and lyrics scintillating, the early 90s. And in this millennium, where unfortunate deaths and the Soundcloud rapper's experimentations take out some prime lyricists — Cough.Ka.Takeoff.cough — "Results Take Time" is an album the Hip Hop community needed.      In other

Music Album Review: “Ether Dome" by Underdog [Banger! - 4.5 boomboxes]

Music Album Review: “Ether Dome” by Underdog

4.5 Boomboxes

…Ether Dome is meant to be played on Mackie speakers without a care for one’s neighbors…


Album “Ether Dome”  

Released: September 18, 2020

# of Tracks: 12

Length: 35:45 

Genre: Rock, Supersonic Rock, Indie

Written by: Scott Ferguson & Bryn Carlson

Produced by: Scott Ferguson & Bryn Carlson

First Effect - Season 1, Episode 4 - "There Goes The Neighborhood" by Underdog (2022)

    After listening to Boston-based rock band Underdog's album, Ether Dome, three thoughts manifest in mind: one, Ether Dome is meant to be played on Mackie speakers without a care for one's neighbors; two, Ether Dome simply rocks, like Led Zeppelin or The Who simply rocks; and three, Ether Dome is an album one never knew one needed to hear. 

    Underdog band members and co-founders Scott Ferguson and Bryn Carlson conduct an album with rawness and passion that are only found in live concerts and the Jazz sounds of the 50s & 60s. From the onset, with Bryn's explosive guitars on Suzie My Dear to the ebullient Underground Rock Band Blues to the balletic finale Music Box, Ether Dome never loses its energy. There's musicality and ardor throughout the album, song after song, that gifts the listener with nostalgia and good vibes.

Meet Underdog Rock Band

    Ether Dome is pure rock, redolent of the punk scenes in The Village, the skater scenes in California, and the grunge scenes in Seattle. Bryn's guitars recall the indelible memories of hard rock and metal with his heavy chugs and fast-moving progressions. Scott's vocals and rhythm guitar transport the listener at one time to London's 1980s rock scene, then to the soothing sounds of the hippie movement of the 60s & 70s, and then to the contemporary rasps of grunge and punk rock. 

First Effect - Season 1, Episode 4 Artist Interview w/ Underdog (2022)

    This blending of sounds and more— used tastefully, in a Picasso-esque manner — renders Ether Dome and Underdog a breath of fresh air. Their supersonic sound skirts the line of all the member's inspiration and who they are to create honest, impassioned, and all-inspiring music. 

    Ether Dome will motivate one to skate, dance, or go out to live life. It will inspire one to make music. But best of all, it's an album that can be played in any situation: while exercising, while working, while hanging out with friends, etc. It's an album flooding with an infectious energy that bounces like a symbiotic off the record into the listener. Soon, one will look into the mirror and see themselves ready to be in a band, black tee, ripped-up jeans, and a guitar. 

First Effect - Season 1, Episode 4 Music News (September 2022)

    But Underdog is no fake or joke. They are the real deal, authentic, natural, who they are — take it or turn off the record. Underdog's authenticity is evident in their style (not adhering to any clothing fads or trends,) their top-down production (homebred by Scott & Bryn,) and the unwavering rock belief (music above all.) 

Bryn Carlson, Guitarist, Vocalist, Drummer, & Producer

    However, what in all respects renders Ether Dome an entertaining album is their production and spirited lyrics. There is no hierarchy between instruments. In contemporary rock tracks, one may find the vocals predominate, the guitar forefront, or the drums in one's face. Furthermore, one may hear a slew of punch-ups and effects to gloss up the song. This is not the case with Ether Dome. 


    Great! We like our rock music unrestrained & punky.

    There's an equality between all instruments (vocals included) in Ether Dome that calls back to mind those incipient years of those various rock movements mentioned above. This change of sonic pace may jar a listener at first or inflame the critic. However, when one remembers rock's history and listens to Ether Dome's lyrics, there's no doubt one will enjoy this prime discovery. 

Scott Ferguson Guitarist, Vocalist, Drummer, & Producer

"There goes the neighborhood 

I want peace and quiet that's why I moved to the woods 

Now it's hot cars and loud music 'til the wee wee hours 

I wish they'd stick to folk music and flower power."

    Lyrics like that heard in There Goes The Neighborhood rouse the mental images of searching for peace and understanding for people who just get you. The lyrics are poetic and thought-provoking, like Sed Barret and John Lennon. They are narrative; a story forms in your head; a feeling arises. How about, Music box?

"Rain falls on the ground 

Spring is all around 

Laying in the rain 

Not feeling any pain"

    Underdog often takes gloomy images, "rain" and "pain," but they transform their interpretation. With the idea of Spring and not feeling pain, one can't help but feel a sense of peace, maybe even forgiveness. There's a shedding of despair, despondency, and standard rock misconceptions in every song on Ether Dome. There's this belief in unity, peace, and one-ness throughout. 

    Ether Dome is a superb album that will surprise and rock one's socks like no other music has done this year. It will bring you back to your high school days when rock music bumped into your headphones. And quickly, you will realize that Underdog's music needs to be the soundtrack of a coming-of-age film or the soundtrack to your upcoming fall adventures. 

    What makes it all worth it is that the Underdog members are not jerks. They are, as their music presents them, passionate, intelligent, and creative guys who want to bring good vibes to everyone's ears. 

    So LISTEN to Ether Dome today! And meet the guys with Soundbox Artist's Interview's podcast and written segment. 

    Ether Dome can be found on all streaming services and purchased for $10 on Underdog.rock. In fact, go to Underdog's website for exclusive content. 

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    If you enjoyed “Ether Dome" by Underdog, you can connect with the band and purchase the album at Underdog.rock. You won’t be disappointed. 

Artwork by Blair T. Kerr AKA The Arsenist

Bolivar T. Caceres is a Bronx-based artist and writer. His poems appear on ShortEdition and Ariel Chart. He is also the author of the chapbook Outside My Garret Window, published in 2020. He currently writes for the quarterly film blog Film Studies 401 and the news blog New York Positivity. Connect with him on social media @BolivarTCaceres and at
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